Goal 4: Recognise, reward and enable teaching and learning excellence

4.1 Expand the recognition and reward of teaching excellence

4.1.1 Implement the UQ Professional Learning Roadmap to further UQ’s teaching and learning achievements through quality national and international teaching award applications and growth of HEA fellowships.

4.1.2 Review the impact of UQ strategic teaching and learning grants, fellowship programs and teaching awards on teaching quality, student outcomes and academic learning.

4.1.3 Expand peer observation of teaching for institution-wide implementation for teaching development and recognition.

4.1.4 Expand the expectation for research-focused staff to become more involved in the teaching endeavour while reviewing the workforce and role profile for a 21st century teaching workforce.

4.2 Ensure that quality enhancement and assurance processes for teaching and learning are systematic and effective

4.2.1 Extend the indicators of teaching contributions for use in appraisal, continuing appointment and promotion processes.

4.2.2 Embed quality assurance and risk assessment processes in course and program design, re-design and formal review requirements.

4.2.3 Enhance the usefulness of online student evaluation data collected through SECaTs to support quality teaching and learning.

4.3 Prioritise the continued development of formal and informal learning spaces (both physical and virtual) to foster collaborative, connected learning at UQ

4.3.1 Review current digital learning systems arrangements (e.g. learning management system) and develop an aligned, system-wide approach for review and implementation.

4.3.2 Review and refine UQ platforms and processes that support curriculum design and monitoring.

4.3.3 Implement the UQ Learning Space Roadmap through the Learning Space sub-committee in the context of major building projects.

4.3.4 Extend the use of the ePortfolio and utilise a work placement management system.

4.4 Implement professional development aligned to teaching and learning priorities

4.4.1 Strengthen academic integrity professional development for all teaching and relevant professional staff.

4.4.2 Create responsive professional learning activities aligned with program and course transformation.

4.4.3 Strengthen professional development in active and flexible learning.