Goal 3: Authentic, progressive and fair assessment

3.1 Ensure assessment is fair, reasonable and authentic with the provision of timely and regular feedback

3.1.1 Develop optimal assessment profiles for courses and programs including guidelines for consistency of assessment load.

3.1.2 Review and implement processes that address differential grading outcomes across courses and programs.

3.1.3 Develop modules in course offerings to allow students to catch up, review and self-assess.

3.1.4 Design assessment that is authentic to work and practice in the discipline while ensuring fair and appropriate group assessment practices.

3.1.5 Support assessment design that integrates feedback mechanisms that build student capacity to effectively judge the quality of their learning.

3.2 Expand the effective use of digital technologies to enable provision of formative feedback and flexible assessment tasks

3.2.1 Facilitate the shift to online submission and marking of written assessment.

3.2.2 Build our electronic assessment capability with the associated systems and services to provide timely, personalised feedback and analysis on students’ learning.

3.3 Strengthen assessment design and learning opportunities for students to maintain academic integrity

3.3.1 Promote good practices to ensure academic integrity in online and on-campus environments.

3.3.2 Implement a comprehensive academic integrity approach embedded at the course and program levels including quality online modules for students.