Quality assurance

UQ implements a number of quality assurance processes to maintain our commitment to the highest standards of teaching, research and scholarship.

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive teaching and learning experience that promotes the values – collaboration, diversity and innovation – that will help our graduates find success in our increasingly globalised world. This is achieved through processes that are developed in line with the University’s Strategic Plan to monitor, review and enhance the teaching and learning experience for staff and students.


Regular surveys and reviews are conducted to ensure our teaching and learning initiatives continue to align with the University's strategic direction. These surveys and reviews include:

  • Student Evaluation of Course and Teacher (SECaT)
  • Academic Quality Assurance process (AQA)
  • External surveys

The purpose of each is to use student perspectives, industry benchmarks and analytical evidence to gain insight into the effectiveness and relevance of our teaching methods and courses and programs. These measures assure continued improvement of our programs and their delivery, providing students with a valuable qualification and enriching experience.


The Institute for Teaching and Learning Innovation promotes or coordinates a series of teaching and learning projects that draw on the expertise of staff across the Institute, UQ and beyond.

These projects focus on putting the University's strategic goals to practice in the teaching and learning domain. Each one aims to address the form, function and fundamentals of the student experience while emphasising innovation.

They allow staff to collaborate while influencing and improving our teaching and learning processes and systems. These projects also help to ensure staff and students find success and satisfaction in the teaching and learning process.

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