Student Affairs Division

Committed to the UQ student experience

Student Affairs provides a range of services, support, and programs to help students thrive at university - on campus, in the classroom, and beyond. 

The Division does so by:

  • Pursuing strategies and activities to assist in the quality of the overall student experience,
  • Providing a range of support services that meets the needs of UQ students, and 
  • Facilitating access to enriching experiences that help students reflect on and learn from these experiences, enhance their employability, and extend their graduate attributes.

Student Affairs operates Student Central - UQ's hub for student-facing services. The Division commissions primary health care services for students through its on-campus GP centres operated by UQ Health Care, and it also the UQ operational liason point for University of Queensland Union (UQU).

Student Affairs has two Directorates:

  • Student Services
    Provides students with assistance and advice on health and wellbeing, accommodation, international student support, inclusion and disability support, learning and writing skills development and counselling. Student Services coordinates the University's multi-faith chaplaincy, mentoring and volunteering, student community building (working with UQU), and welcome and induction for new students.
  • Student Enrichment and Employability Development (SEED)
    Helps students to realise their potential, create and transfer value, and use their capabilities to perform effectively in a workplace to have last impact. From secondary school through to graduation, SEED engages students from different backgrounds with a range of experiences and empowers them to reflect and learn - unlocking and articulating the value of their experiences and demonstrating the attributes and mindsets for successful post-secondary school studies, employment, and/or community service.

Student Emergencies

If there is an immediate risk or threat to a student, please contact Security.


Student Wellbeing

If there is a potential risk or threat to a student or you would like to refer a student for treatment, recovery or preventative advice, please contact Student Services. (M-F 8:30am-4:30pm)


UQ Counselling and Crisis Line

If you or someone you know is experiencing a crisis, get help day or night. 


Support for Staff

Staff may access free counselling through UQ's Employee Assistance Program provider.