Goal 2: Collaborative, connected and active pedagogies

2.1 Prioritise and support the development of innovative, inclusive and pedagogically sound on-campus and online educational practices

2.1.1 Promote HELF principles and support their use across all courses to ensure pedagogies are evidence-informed and engage students as active agents in their own learning.

2.1.2 Develop a suite of resources and exemplars of practice in active and collaborative learning experiences supported by digital technologies in undergraduate and postgraduate coursework programs.

2.1.3 Enrich the on-campus and online learning experiences through effective analytic processes that leverage institutional data.

2.1.4 Develop approaches to support academic success of students who speak English as another language.

2.2 Enable effective digitisation of courses and programs to foster connected on/off-campus learning

2.2.1 Implement a three-year blended learning project across UQ’s large enrolment courses while creating a sustainable process for ongoing digitisation of courses.

2.2.2 Review the “contact hour” requirements of courses to make clear the expected volume of learning and time commitment for on-campus and online course work.

2.2.3 Implement a student laptop scheme that ensures equitable access to laptop computers across UQ student cohorts.

2.2.4 Promote UQ’s digital learning thresholds while providing clear guidelines for course administration regarding digitisation.

2.2.5 Capture and report more fine-grained information about teaching modes and assessment types within all courses and across all programs.

2.3 Create more experiential learning opportunities focused on employability, enterprise and entrepreneurship in the assessed curriculum

2.3.1 Encourage and promote work-integrated learningenterprise and entrepreneurship for-credit opportunities in all disciplines across UQ and monitor these.

2.3.2 Create more for-credit global, work-based and entrepreneurship opportunities.