Goal 1: Flexible, inclusive, globally-relevant and co-created curriculum

1.1 Ensure the shape of our programs and courses are flexible to support broad educational opportunities and diverse pathways for students

1.1.1 Conceptualise the components of the ‘UQ Signature Learning Experience’ (e.g. work-integrated learning; digital literacy; research-based; enterprise and entrepreneurship; global mobility) and embed these across programs and courses.

1.1.2 Implement a suite of institution-wide flagship ‘create change’ courses/resources that focus on 21st century knowledge, skills and experiences.

1.1.3 Explore business cases for a suite of fully online undergraduate and postgraduate coursework programs.

1.1.4 Review undergraduate and postgraduate courses and programs to streamline structure and rules to provide transparency, consistency and coherence for students.

1.1.5 Make our academic calendar and curriculum structure more flexible to enable modularisation, micro-credentialing and dynamic scheduling across the calendar year.

1.2 Strengthen partnerships with our students, researchers, industry and alumni to create more collaborative, relevant and authentic curricula

1.2.1 Monitor consultation and engagement processes across all programs to ensure regular industry, community and alumni involvement in curriculum development and review.

1.2.2 Explore opportunities for academics to engage in industry to strengthen industry-UQ partnerships, ensure curriculum relevance, and enhance teaching practices grounded in authentic work contexts.

1.2.3 Develop an institutional framework that supports a broader culture of students working in partnership with staff, in knowledge co-creation (research) and co-creation of curriculum and pedagogies.

1.3 Prioritise inclusive curricular approaches to improve access, participation, equity and success in ways that value and celebrate diversity at UQ

1.3.1 Review retention for all students and create an evidence-informed plan for inclusive curriculum with attention to students who are traditionally under-represented at UQ.

1.3.2 Review current practices and develop an evidence-informed plan for success of UQ students with English as another language.

1.3.3 Develop guiding policy on Inherent Requirements and Fitness to Practise guidelines to provide transparency for all prospective and current students on essential course requirements and skills while ensuring reasonable and equitable adjustments for eligible students.

1.3.4 Draw on the Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) to support curricula that build respectful relationships and opportunities between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the broader Australian community.