Goal 5: Personalised employability enhancement opportunities

5.1 Guide students to reflect on their employability

5.1.1  Implement a student employability strategy and framework to increase awareness, experiences, learning (reflection), and transfer to workplace

5.2 Update our service model to assist student needs

5.2.1  Adopt a model of our employability teams sharing resources and outputs

5.2.2  Facilitate work-integrated learning experiences that are multi-semester and representative of workforce habits, by using UQ/Faculty-wide course codes

5.2.3  Expand opportunities for our Higher Degree by Research students

5.3 Offer more employability experiences

5.3.1  Provide more opportunities for industry placements, internships and other practical work-based experiences

5.3.2  Provide more short-term global opportunities

5.3.3  Increase entrepreneurship, enterprise, and innovation opportunities