Goal 3: Good health and wellbeing

3.1 Enhance on-campus medical services

3.1.1  Move to a single provider of on-campus medical practices

3.1.2  Improve sustainability of service

3.1.3  Increase service levels

3.2 Encourage good mental health

3.2.1  Implement a UQ mental health strategy and student plan

3.2.2  Establish a Mental Health Champions Network to promote a culture of wellbeing

3.2.3  Deliver mental health initiatives appropriate for our diverse student population

3.2.4  Develop markers to help identify and engage with those who may need support

3.2.5  Provide training for staff to assist students requiring support

3.2.6  Ensure UQ mental health services are accessible, and of a high standard

3.3 Optimise safety within the student community

3.3.1  Provide 24/7 on-campus security, safety response, and counselling services

3.3.2  Engender a culture of respect, ethical by-standing, support and reporting (including for sexual misconduct)