Goal 1: Easy access to the UQ student experience

1.1 Enhance our digital interaction platform, and move to smart, online, student administration

1.1.1  Replace key paper processes with a digitised, automated experience

1.1.2  Renew my.UQ to be a single, instinctive online portal and point of reference

1.1.3  Introduce a 24/7 mobile virtual assistant

1.2 Improve transport to and from campus

1.2.1  Pursue better, more sustainable public transport for St Lucia campus

1.2.2  Install a walking/bicycle path to connect Gatton campus with Gatton township

1.2.3  Operate a mini-bus to connect Gatton campus with Gatton and Toowoomba

1.3 Freshen our on-campus retail

1.3.1  Offer a wider range of food and drink options, price points and experiences

1.3.2  Set out our retail offering in a manner that is convenient for students

1.4 Expand home/commuter facilities on campus

1.4.1  Pursue a St Lucia campus student hub with ‘home’ and recreation facilities

1.4.2  Introduce ‘spokes’ around campus with informal learning spaces

1.5 Ensure inclusivity

1.5.1  Review UQ student-facing policies to foster an inclusive approach and culture

1.6 Seek for the UQ student experience to be affordable

1.6.1  Implement an online platform to assist with causes of financial pressure

1.6.2  Design a scholarship strategy that is multi-functional and strategic

1.6.3  Channel benefaction to fund loans and grants

1.6.4  Introduce a job shop for part-time employment opportunities on or near campus

1.6.5  Broaden the UQ Temps pool to include students

1.6.6  Implement an online platform for part-time employment external to UQ

1.6.7  Introduce student discounts at on-campus food trucks at key periods

1.6.8  Broaden the scope of student discounts in the business community

1.7 Help students with accommodation

1.7.1  Publish a UQ student accommodation strategy

1.7.2  Provide a limited number of UQ-owned or managed residential places

1.7.3  Collaborate with external providers to supply safe, well-managed housing

1.7.4  Provide guaranteed accommodation for non-South East Queensland students

1.7.5  Articulate UQ’s relationship with St Lucia-based Colleges