The Business Enhancement Projects team is responsible for identifying and nurturing business enhancement opportunities within the University's student administration function. In line with this, they primarily focus on digitising, automating, monitoring and highlighting policy and procedural issues and compliance.

Team members

Athol Reid

Senior Manager

Katie Parrish


Lisa Forster


Sarah Rochford

Senior Administration Officer

Janice Collins

Senior Administration Officer

Key responsibilities

  • Identify and operationalise business process improvements to meet the University’s strategic objectives by:
    • analysing key business processes;
    • identifying and nurturing improvement opportunities; 
    • refining/re-developing business processes with a view to streamline and optimise existing systems usage and/or incorporating opportunities for digitisation and/or automation
  • Develop suitable reporting frameworks to support evidence-based decision making
  • Implement/operationalise organisational, policy and procedural changes; including analyse the impact of changed requirements on existing services, processes and procedures.

Enhancement initiatives in progress

  • Certified document (student request, workflow digitisation/automation and issue via the My eQuals platform):
    • Enrolment statement
    • Completion statement
  • Certified document (student request, workflow digitisation):
    • Invitation statement
    • Thesis statement
    • Other statement
  • Elite Athlete Status (student request and workflow digitisation/automation)
  • Request to Amend Grades (student request and workflow digitisation/automation)
  • Alternative exam arrangements (student request and workflow digitisation/automation)
  • Enhanced reporting via UQ Reportal to enable linking of UniTask case details with other student universe data
  • Development of reporting framework for InPlace placements management system

UniTask access

  • All staff automatically have access to UniTask. A task may be assigned to any staff at any time, and those staff can access the task by clicking on the link in the email notification provided or by signing in to UniTask directly.
  • If a user requires specific access to be associated with a pool in UniTask (i.e. they will be acquiring and processing tasks via a pool), the work unit Manager is required to email the authorisation to along with the following details of the new user:
    • Full name
    • Position ID (refer to Position Description, not employee number. The UniTask access granted is associated with a position number. Specific access will be lost or inherited when staff change positions)
    • Pool (e.g. Student Centre, Faculty of Science, School of Law)
    • Profile required (e.g. Process Manager and/or User)
      NOTE: Process Manager access for school and faculty staff will require Faculty Student Admin Manager approval.

UniTask help

UniTask case reporting

  • Standard report access via UQ Reportal: Student > Admin > UniTask Details – Student Administration > ‘select relevant process/es’
  • The reports on UQ Reportal are currently limited to details around cases (process, submission dates, status etc.), and are not yet process-specific. The next stage of development will explore the ability to export and map process-specific data such as courses and assessment details, etc.
  • In the interim, if you wish to link these reports with other student data (programs, etc), please contact the Planning and Business Intelligence (PBI) team for assistance.