Our grant and fellowship recipients

UQ is home to a number of grant and fellowship recipients who have utilised their expertise to improve teaching and learning within the University.

We recognise their excellence and innovation, and encourage all of our staff to develop initiatives that can create positive educational outcomes.

Along with providing assistance in the application process of external grant and fellowship programs, we have developed our own internal programs. UQ's grants and fellowships provide professional recognition and development opportunities.

They give our teachers the opportunity to complete projects they're passionate about while contributing to the continued enrichment of teaching and learning at UQ.

Apply for grants and fellowships

Visit the Institute for Teaching and Learning Innovation website for more information about applying for grants and fellowships. 

This includes application processes, key dates, extensions, priority areas, information sessions and more. 

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HEA Fellows community

The HEA@UQ program allows those with teaching and learning expertise to gain recognition as a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (HEA), upholding our commitment to provide contemporary and comprehensive professional development opportunities that support career progression.

The community of HEA Fellows at UQ already counts over 320 members and is growing fast.

Senior Fellows

  • Dr Saiied Aminossadati
  • Dr Anoma Ariyawardana
  • Dr Emma Bartle
  • Associate Professor Pierre Benckendorff
  • Dr Jacqueline Bond
  • Dr Henri Burgers
  • Associate Professor Sally Butler
  • Dr Kay Colthorpe
  • Dr Leanne Coombe
  • Dr Jodie Copley
  • Associate Professor Begoña Dominguez
  • Professor Michael Drinkwater
  • Dr Rhonda Faragher
  • Dr Jasmina Fejzic
  • Christopher Frost
  • Dr Cle-Anne Gabriel
  • Dr Deanne Gannaway
  • Dr Justine Gibson
  • Professor Greg Hainge
  • Dr Anne Hill
  • Dr Karen Hughes
  • Associate Professor Pedro Isaias
  • Dr Noriko Iwashita
  • Michael Jennings
  • Dr Karyn Johnson
  • Dr Amy Johnston
  • Dr Hassan Khosravi
  • Associate Professor Mehmet Kizil
  • Dr Louise Kuchel
  • Tracey Langfield
  • Professor Gwen Lawrie
  • Dr Karen Luetsch
  • Dr Debby Lynch
  • Dr Nicole Macionis
  • Dr Barbara Maenhaut
  • Dr Allison Mandrusiak
  • Dr Helen Marshall
  • Dr Scott McCarthy
  • Dom McGrath
  • Associate Professor Tim McIntyre
  • Dr Sam McKenzie
  • Associate Professor Blake McKimmie
  • Dr Allyson Mutch
  • Dr Norman Ng
  • Dr Ann Peacock
  • Dr Louise Phillips
  • Dr Adam Piggott
  • Associate Professor Cynthia Riginos
  • Associate Professor Lisa Ruhanen
  • Dr Daniel Schull
  • Dr Tammy Smith
  • Associate Professor Kam Tang
  • Dr Marion Tower
  • Jessica Tsai
  • Eimear Vallely
  • Dr Eric Vanman
  • Dr Jack Wang
  • Dr Amy Wong
  • Dr Helen Wozniak
  • Associate Professor Yunxia Zhu


  • Dr Louise Ainscough
  • Associate Professor Rachel Allavena
  • Dr Andrew Allsebrook
  • Professor Andrej Atrens
  • Dr Ammar Abdul Aziz
  • Dr Sandra Beach
  • Associate Professor Peter Billings
  • Dr Gry Boe-Hansen
  • Leonie Bowles
  • Susannah Brady
  • Dr Robyn Cave
  • Hasibul Chowdhury
  • Dr Peter Crosthwaite
  • Dr Phillip Currey
  • Dr Sharon Darlington
  • Anthony Deacon
  • Dr Gianluca Demartini
  • Dr Seb Dianati
  • Dr Chelsea Dobbins
  • Dr John Drayton
  • Dr Marissa Edwards
  • Associate Professor Diann Eley
  • Dr Janet Ferguson
  • Dr Lisa Fitzgerald
  • Dr Roma Forbes
  • Chelsea Gill
  • Susan Gollagher
  • Dr Christian Gray
  • Dr Obaidul Hamid
  • Dr Anna Hatton
  • Dr Chris Hay
  • Russell Hinchy
  • Associate Professor Mark Horswill
  • Dr Min Jung Jee
  • Dr Judit Kibedi
  • Dr Tesmesgen Kifle
  • Dr Catherine Kilgour
  • Jo Kirby
  • Dr Fabiola Martin
  • Evan Matthews
  • Professor Michael McGowan
  • Adriana Penman
  • Dr Kate Power
  • Dr Raymond Rastegar
  • Dr Anna Rumbach
  • Peter Rutherford
  • Dr Karin Sellburg
  • Dr Frances Shapter
  • Carl Sherwood
  • Dr Lynda Shevellar
  • Elizabeth Springfield
  • Iliria Stenning
  • Harveen Sudarshan Singh
  • Dr Preetha Thomas
  • Ann Wallin
  • Dr Kirsten Way
  • Dr Margaret Wegener
  • Peta Winters-Chang

Associate Fellows

In addition to the staff listed below, the community also includes over 75 Graduate Teaching Associates program graduates who have attained the status of Associate Fellow of the HEA.

  • Dr Tonima Ali
  • David Allen
  • Dr Marisol Alonso Vazquez
  • Fariba Asadi
  • Sandra Beach
  • Eleanor Browne
  • Robyn Choi
  • Lisa Convey
  • Sarah Evans
  • Matthew Henry
  • Dr Charlotte Rose Millar
  • Anna Richards
  • Muath Shraim
  • Dr Charlotte Young


2019 Teaching Innovation Grants (TIG)

The UQ Teaching Innovation Grants and Early Career Educational Research Grants provide funding to staff at UQ to further initiatives that enhance the student experience or improve the quality of educational outcomes.

Teaching Innovation Grant

Building Digital Literacy and interprofessional learning of health professional students by embedding teaching cases in an electronic medical record

Dr Benjamin Barry
Faculty of Medicine

Teaching Innovation Grant

Embedding high quality feedback and assessment practices that engage students as partners in the classroom

Dr Eimear Enright and Associate Professor Kelly Matthews
Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences and Institute for Teaching and Learning Innovation

Teaching Innovation Grant

Events Plus: a transdisciplinary collaboration to improve experiential learning through the development of a Small Private Online Course (SPOC)

Dr Sheranne Fairley
Faculty of Business, Economics and Law

Teaching Innovation Grant

NOW What? Indigenising architecture and design

Ms Carroll Go-Sam
Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology

Teaching Innovation Grant

Maximising the pedagogical benefits of video for engagement and learning

Associate Professor Jason Lodge
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Teaching Innovation Grant


Linking Public Health education with practice within a University Reconciliation Garden

Dr Preetha Thomas
Faculty of Medicine

Teaching Innovation Grant (Extension)

Expanding the capacity and functionality of the 4D construction learning environment to incorporate additional case studies and virtual reality experiences

Associate Professor Chris Landorf
Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology

Teaching Innovation Grant

Operation outbreak: Escape rooms for developing interprofessional communication, team building and conflict management skills

Associate Professor Neil Cottrell
Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences

Teaching Innovation Grant

AUTHENTICATE: a virtual learning environment that uses Avatars to immerse students in authentic experiences

Ann Wallin
Faculty of Business, Economics and Law

View past Teaching Innovation Grants

2019 Teaching Fellows

The UQ Teaching Fellowship Scheme aims to promote excellence in teaching and learning through supporting educational leadership that supports University and Faculty strategic priorities.

Faculty of Science

A/Prof Rowland Cobbold
School of Veterinary Science

Development of innovative course offerings and teaching approaches to enhance articulation pathways for UQ veterinary programs.

This project aims to develop enhanced articulation pathways into the BVSc (Hons) that better define the roles and graduate outcomes for the BVetTech and BSc AVB programs. 

Faculty of Business, Economics and Law

Dr Frederique Bracoud
School of Economics

Student-driven design of a new introductory course in financial literacy and conversion to blending delivery of an advanced finance course.

The project aims to strengthen the relevance of the content of two courses in Financial Economics at opposite ends of the curriculum: ECON1200 Money and Mind, teaching everyday financial literacy to meet students’ personal needs and ECON3210 Financial Markets and Institutions, teaching highly specialised knowledge to third-year students contemplating a career in the Finance industry.

Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences

Dr John Drayton
School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Work

Development of a UQ Student Unit in the Office of the State Coroner

This pilot project will result in the production of a scalable model for a UQ Centre of Excellence in coronial practice relevant to disciplines including nursing, occupational therapy, psychology, health sciences and medicine.

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Prof Kristen Lyons
School of Social Science

Developing Post Graduate Student-Led Engaged Learning Environments for Diverse Cohorts, including International Students

This project aims to expand postgraduate Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) across the Faculty of Humanities and Social Science, and with insights that can inform postgraduate WIL development across the University.

Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology

A/Prof Steven Pratt
School of Chemical Engineering

Designing the framework for ‘world-standard’ postgraduate coursework for engineers

Engineering at UQ is currently being reviewed. This project will ensure that the identity of the postgraduate coursework offerings align with the Faculty’s future vision for Engineering Education. 

Faculty of Medicine

A/Prof Stephen Anderson and Dr Kay Colthorpe
School of Biomedical Sciences

Being blended: challenges and opportunities for academics in the new blended learning paradigm

This project aims to enhance our understanding of the drivers and barriers for the uptake of blended learning amongst science academics, and to focus on incorporating scientific skill development into online learning materials.

Faculty of Medicine

A/Prof Linda Selvey
School of Public Health

Application of a blended learning approach to teaching health, society and research to MD students

The aim of the project is to redevelop HSR1 course for medical students to incorporate blended and active learning, case studies, reflection, and the use of an e-Portfolio in order to enhance student engagement, learning and integration of their learning.