Our grant and fellowship recipients

UQ is home to a number of grant and fellowship recipients who have utilised their expertise to improve teaching and learning within the University.

We recognise their excellence and innovation, and encourage all of our staff to develop initiatives that can create positive educational outcomes.

Along with providing assistance in the application process of external grant and fellowship programs, we have developed our own internal programs. UQ's grants and fellowships provide professional recognition and development opportunities.

They give our teachers the opportunity to complete projects they're passionate about while contributing to the continued enrichment of teaching and learning at UQ.

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Visit the Institute for Teaching and Learning Innovation website for more information about applying for grants and fellowships. 

This includes application processes, key dates, extensions, priority areas, information sessions and more. 

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2017 recipients

The UQ Teaching Innovation Grants Scheme provides funding to staff at UQ to further initiatives that enhance the student experience or improve the quality of educational outcomes.

Professor Annemaree Carroll
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

$165,000 over 2 years
Round 2017

Implementation of the Higher Education Learning Framework to improve teaching and learning practices at UQ.

Dr Chelsea Bond
ATSIS Unit and Affiliate of UQ Poche Centre for indigenous Health

$85,000 over 1.5 years
Round 2017

Game-changing educators: Teaching Indigenous health in a culturally safe transformative learning environment.

Associate Professor Lydia Kavanagh
Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology

$165,000 over 2 years
Round 2017

TeachingPlus@UQ: Developing professional practice to enhance the student experience.

Dr Tammy Smith
Faculty of Medicine

$100,000 over 1 year
Round 2017

Pilot of an integrated e-exams software solution for exam creation, delivery, feedback and analytics (Stage 3: Scale-up, feedback and analytics).

Ms Kerry Kilner
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

$120,000 over 2 years
Round 2017

Taking the Cirrus teaching and learning platform beyond the humanities and beyond the AustLit platform.

Dr Stephen Walker
Institute of Continuing and TESOL Education

$47,000 over 1+ years
Round 2017

A computer adaptive testing (CAT) platform for discipline-specific, English language screening tests to identify linguistically at-risk students.

Associate Professor Deborah Brown
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

$125,000 over 2 years
Round 2017

Integrating digital argument mapping into contemporary pedagogies.

Associate Professor Susan Rowland
Faculty of Science

$115,000 over 2 years
Round 2017

CLIPS at Work: Expanding an existing UQ website to help science students communicate for the workplace.

Dr Vincent Wheatley
Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology

$65,000 over 2 years
Round 2017

Authentic, active and inspired learning: Transforming large courses.

Dr Anna Rumbach
Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences

$13,000 over 1 year
Round 2017

Innovative work-integrated learning experiences and authentic assessment to support speech pathology students' skill development in management of voice disorders.

2018 recipients

The UQ Teaching Fellowship Scheme aims to promote excellence in teaching and learning through supporting educational leadership that supports University and Faculty strategic priorities.

Faculty of Business, Economics and Law

Alastair Tombs profile picture

Dr Alastair Tombs
School of Business

Enhancing the student experience within dual program courses: meeting the challenge of the new Bachelor of Advanced Business (honours) program.

In 2018, the Business School is offering a new four-year degree, the Bachelor of Advanced Business (Honours), designed to attract high academic achievers. 

Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology

Vincent Wheatley profile picture

Dr Vincent Wheatley
School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering

Authentic, active and inspired learning – transforming large courses.

This fellowship aims to lead the transformation of three large Mechanical Engineering courses to a blended learning approach led by authentic industry and research problems. 

Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences

Condy Canuto profile picture

Mr Condy Canuto
Poche Centre for Indigenous Health and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Unit

Embedding Indigenous Knowledge in the Training and Development of the Health Workforce.

This project will help prepare and train culturally aware, knowledgeable and sensitive health professionals that have the capacity to competently work with Indigenous people. 

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Nicholas Carah profile picture

Dr Nicholas Carah
School of Communication and Arts

Platforming with Partners: working with student partners to convert a large first-year course to a blended mode.

This proposed fellowship aims to develop a platforming with partners approach inspired by work on the infrastructure and participatory culture of digital media in the discipline of media, communication and cultural studies. 

Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

Owain Williams profile picture

Dr Owain Williams
School of Public Health

Conversion of a suite of courses to a blended learning delivery mode – a pilot with PUBH7614 Health Systems (Semester 1).

This project is the conversion of a suite of courses to a blended learning delivery mode, aiming to evaluate patterns of blended learning in terms of student engagement and satisfaction. 

Faculty of Science

Justin Ridge profile picture

Dr Justin Ridge
School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences

Creating a blended-learning environment in a second level biochemistry course.

The goal of this fellowship is to take a large second level biochemistry course (BIOC200) and transition the teaching model to use a blended approach. 

2017 recipients

ITaLI offers annual Visiting Fellowships to academics with an established record in scholarship that's closely aligned with the strengths of the Institute, which includes supporting UQ's strategic objectives while collaborating with the faculties and schools.

Dr Peter Arthur, University of British Columbia (Okanagan)

Peter Arthur profile picture
Dr Peter Arthur is the Founding Director of the Centre for Teaching and Learning at the University of British Columbia (Okanagan). His role, spanning 10 years at UBC Okanagan, included leading, supporting and promoting teaching and learning excellence, innovation and scholarship across the university.

The Centre for Teaching and Learning provides a variety of academic growth opportunities, including peer mentoring programs, seminar series, training workshops, and more.

Peter’s research focuses on new advanced learning models, particularly how students can become better self-directed learners who advance their learning abilities through metacognition, leveraging technology, and open educational resources to create personal learning networks. 

Dr Jonathan Westover, Utah Valley University

Jonathan Westover profile picture
Dr Jonathan Westover is an Associate Professor of Organizational Leadership and Ethics in the Woodbury School of Business, and Director of Academic Service Learning at Utah Valley University.

He is responsible for all campus academic service-learning initiatives, and providing all faculty development offerings. His team provide training and assistance to faculty interested in incorporating service-learning and active engaged-learning into their curriculum.

Jon is an expert in human capital leadership and performance management. He provides performance management consulting, training, and assessment solutions to a variety of public, private, and non-profit sector organizations. He is also proactive in a variety of community and academic professional services. 

Dr Thomas Carey, San Diego State University

Thomas Carey profile picture
Dr Thomas Carey is a Research Professor at the Center for Research in Mathematics and Science Education at San Diego State University. He is also Executive-in-Residence at the British Columbia Association of Institutes and Universities.

Tom is an expert working with higher education institutions across the US and Canada to develop and sustain exemplary teaching and learning environments for undergraduate success, as a “connector, coach and catalyst” in leadership strategy and faculty collaborations. 

Tom’s recent work includes research and innovation on Assessment for the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario, and on Faculty Support and Assessment Strategies for the Council of Ontario Universities’ Centre of Excellence in Online Learning. He also advises academic leaders and faculty teams on strategy for exemplary teaching and learning.