Our award-winning teachers

UQ values the hard work our teachers put in to improving the teaching and learning experience. We’re proud to celebrate their success through our internal award program, which qualifies them for national recognition.

Each year our best and brightest are recognised with the UQ Excellence in Teaching and Learning Awards. Academic and general staff can win in one of three categories. As a winner of the UQ awards, you'll be invited to submit an application to be considered for the Australian Awards for University Teaching.

UQ also recognises excellence in Higher Degree by Research supervision. Visit the Graduate School website to find out more about these awards.

We have a long tradition of winners both at UQ and nationally. This year's winners of each award are listed below.

Apply for the UQ Awards

Visit the Institute for Teaching and Learning Innovation website for more information about applying for the UQ Awards for Excellence and the Australian Awards for University Teaching.

This includes information about award categories, key dates, assessment criteria and submitting an expression of interest.

ITaLI holds information sessions to provide an overview of the award schemes available at UQ, and to assist you with writing your application.

Find out more about UQ and external awards

2017 UQ Awards for Teaching Excellence

These awards recognise individuals and teams who have made a broad contribution to enhancing the quality of learning and teaching at UQ. Each winner receives a certificate and a grant of $10,000.


Associate Professor Timothy McIntyre
School of Mathematics and Physics

Associate Professor McIntyre has developed new approaches to teaching, program design, and course coordination in Physics at UQ. He has adopted active learning approaches in his classes and developed teaching strategies that enhance and extend his teaching, and help students to prepare for his classes in an engaging and informative way.

Dr Barbara Maenhaut
School of Mathematics and Physics

Dr Maenhaut produces structured and carefully thought-out course materials in a variety of forms (text, video, online quizzes, group work and problem sets) that cater to a range of learning styles. In lectures she shares her passion for mathematics and students often comment on her enthusiasm and her deep knowledge of the subject.

Dr Chris Landorf
School of Architecture

Dr Landorf has developed a unique, problem-based learning curriculum founded on three pillars: a lectorial-based teaching method that choreographs connections between theoretical concepts and practical applications; an inquiry-based pedagogical framework that contextualises learning; and collaborative discussions that stimulate student engagement and reflection.

2017 National Awards for Teaching Excellence

Mr Carl Sherwood

Mr Carl Sherwood’s storytelling approach has enabled statistics students in first year classes to construct meaningful linkages between abstract statistical concepts and real-world contexts. In removing statistical jargon and making statistics accessible to students using their everyday life experiences, Mr Sherwood motivates students to find personal value in their learning. 

Dr Vincent Wheatley

Dr Vincent Wheatley brings his connections with cutting-edge research in aerospace engineering to the classroom as authentic scenarios for every learning activity. His leadership was instrumental to the success of edX Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) Hypersonics: From Shockwaves to Scramjets. 

2017 UQ Awards for Programs that Enhance Learning

These awards recognise learning and teaching support programs and services that make an outstanding contribution to the quality of student learning and the student experience at UQ. Recipients receive a certificate and a grant of $10,000.


BEL Student Employability Team (SET)
Faculty of Business, Economics and Law

Ms Rhea Jain, Ms Jacqueline Niblett, Mr Ryan Webb, Mr Ken Lai, Ms Debbie Hathaway, Ms Catherine Lam, Ms Cate Clifford, Ms Joanne Buchan, Ms Carlene Kirvan

The Student Employability Team empowers students to identify suitable career paths, develop employability skills, gain work experience and become work ready, and learn from industry. SET is recognised as a flagship program in the UQ Student Strategy.

Knowledge-Making in the Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Office of the President of the Academic Board, School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry, UQ Library, UQ Student Services, Information Technology Services

Ms Inge Matt, Professor Julie Duck, Professor Fred D’Agostino, Associate Professor Deborah Brown, Ms Shirley Moran, Mr Chris Frost, Ms Noela Yates, Dr David Rowland, Mr Farshad Seifouri, Mr Ben Graham

Knowledge-Making in the Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences is a faculty-wide community and peer-mentoring program designed to guide first year students through academic and social domains and enhancing their leadership skills, and overall enhance the student experience. 

UQ Commendations

The Postgraduate Clinical Pharmacy Programs Team
School of Pharmacy

Dr Judith Burrows, Dr Treasure McGuire, Dr Karen Leutsch, Associate Professor Alexandra Clavarino, Ms Carla Scuderi, Dr Adam LaCaze

The PGCP team pioneered the transition of the Postgraduate Clinical Pharmacy program from face-to-face to a flexible, online program. The team worked with a shared vision to design a program to develop the clinical practice of pharmacists from metropolitan, rural, interstate and international locations, working in a range of practice settings with differing levels of experience. 

The Teaching and Learning Development Program
Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology

Associate Professor Lydia Kavanagh, Dr Liza O’Moore, Professor Caroline Crosthwaite, Associate Professor Carl Reidsema, Associate Professor Peter Sutton, Mr Mark Reedman, Dr Tracey Papinczak

The Teaching and Learning Development Program (TLDP) is tangible evidence of EAIT’s successful faculty-wide cultural commitment to improving the teaching and learning experience for our diverse student cohort.

2017 National Awards for Programs that Enhance Learning

UQ First Year Chemistry

Associate Professor Joanne Blanchfield, Dr Denise Adams, Dr Andrew Allsebrook, Dr Bruce D’Arcy, Professor Mary Garson, Dr Efpraxia Kartsonaki, Associate Professor Gwendolyn Lawrie, Professor James De Voss, Associate Professor Mark Riley, Dr Philip Sharpe

Over 3,500 students from 47 different programs of study enrol in UQ’s first year chemistry (FYC) course annually. The FYC curriculum integrates and embeds innovative teaching and learning practices, enhanced through technology and informed by pedagogical research. The program has enhanced student learning through flexible and multimodal delivery of learning environments, assessment and learning support.

2017 UQ Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning

These awards recognise and reward individuals or teams who make a significant contribution to student learning in a specific area of responsibility and who are acknowledged for their achievements within a faculty or the wider university community. Recipients recieve a certificate and a grant of $4,000.

Associate Professor Marta Indulska
School of Business

For redeveloping Business Information Systems courses at the UQ Business School and developing marketing messages to create awareness among students and increase industry engagement and alignment in the curriculum.

Dr Anna Rumbach
School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

For developing an interactive and innovative learning environment with case-based cooperative learning activities that enhances speech pathology students’ preparedness to successfully transition from the classroom to the clinic. 

Dr Tammy Smith
Office of Medical Education

For enhancing the experience of medical students through the new case-based pedagogical curriculum model, student support and academic leadership.

Dr Kim Wilkins
School of Communication and Arts

For bridging the gap between students and the publishing industry by providing authentic documents and assessments, sourced from extensive professional networks and expertise.

UQ commendations

Dr Emma Beckman
School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences

For developing student readiness for inter-professional practice in allied health teams.

Dr Deborah Lynch
School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Work

For empowering learners to enact social change practices. 

Immersive Visualisations
School of Earth and Environmental Sciences and School of Biological Sciences

  • Dr Kevin Welsh - School of Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • Dr Gilbert Price - School of Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • Dr Charles Verdel - School of Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • Dr Verra Weisbecker - School of Biological Sciences

For the development and implementation of “immersive visualisation” tools for teaching in the Earth and Biological Sciences.

2017 National Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning

Professor Anthony Cassimatis

For leadership, innovation, scholarship and the creation of a global network of international lawyers to guide and inspire students to achieve excellence and career success.

Dr Lisa Fitzgerald

For challenging and supporting public health students through a multidisciplinary learning journey to gain a deeper understanding of the social determinants of health.

Dr Poh Wah Hillock

For a mathematics support program that improves student success by building confidence and fostering hard work through participation in a community of practice.