Our award-winning teachers

UQ values the hard work our teachers put in to improving the teaching and learning experience. We’re proud to celebrate their success through our internal award program, which qualifies them for national recognition.

Each year our best and brightest are recognised with the UQ Excellence in Teaching and Learning Awards. Academic and general staff can win in one of three categories. As a winner of the UQ awards, you'll be invited to submit an application to be considered for the Australian Awards for University Teaching.

UQ also recognises excellence in Higher Degree by Research supervision. Visit the Graduate School website to find out more about these awards.

We have a long tradition of winners both at UQ and nationally. This year's winners of each award are listed below.

Apply for UQ awards

Visit the Institute for Teaching and Learning Innovation website for more information about applying for the UQ Awards for Excellence in Teaching and Learning and the Australian Awards for University Teaching.

ITaLI holds information sessions to provide an overview of the award schemes available at UQ, and to assist you with writing your application.


UQ Awards for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

UQ Awards for Excellence in Teaching and Learning recognise learning and teaching support programs and services that make an outstanding contribution to the quality of student learning and the student experience at UQ. They also recognise and reward individuals or teams who make a significant contribution to student learning in a specific area of responsibility and who are acknowledged for their achievements within a faculty or the wider university community.

View UQ award winners for each category, or scroll down below.

Awards for Teaching Excellence

2021 Winners

Dr Taylor Dick

School of Biomedical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine

Early Career

Dr Taylor Dick is an early career teaching and research academic and emerging leader in functional anatomy and musculoskeletal biomechanics. Taylor leads teaching innovation in anatomy and biomedical sciences courses through the development of interactive and innovative teaching resources that incorporate a combination of live and blended learning opportunities. In 2020, as part of the UQ2U initiative, she successfully blended a large first year anatomy course (ANAT1005) whilst maintaining student success and satisfaction. She motivates and engages more than 1500 students per year, providing cohort-specific learning opportunities by presenting high-quality, accessible, and relevant information tailored to her students’ programs. Drawing on her extensive research experience, she has developed research-led pedagogies that meet the dynamic needs of these diverse cohorts. She has received over $138,000 in grants to develop and implement research-led teaching approaches at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

These initiatives include:

  • an inquiry‐based Masterclass to build advanced knowledge and skills critical for enhanced student employability, 
  • embedded biomedical science laboratory skills in blended courses, and 
  • integrated interactive resources in motor control and biomechanics.

Together, the success of her innovative approaches across a breadth of biomedical science and allied health courses and the positive outcomes this creates for her students demonstrate Taylor’s teaching excellence.


Dr Deanne Gannaway

Institute for Teaching and Learning Innovation

High Impact Interventions for Progression, Retention and Attainment 

Dr Deanne Gannaway is a connector. Drawing on her extensive networks, she connects UQ teachers across disciplines, across Australia, and the world. The learners in programs Deanne leads are her UQ colleagues. Some of whom are expert teachers with substantial experience, others are new to teaching or new to UQ. Through the multiple professional learning activities and programs, Dr Gannaway leads and facilitates, she introduces UQ teachers to new ideas, evidence-informed, innovative practices and educational theory. She forges teaching communities – like the HEA Fellowship network – that empower teachers through supporting informal, reflective recognition of teaching expertise. Deanne mentors, coaches, and educates academic, professional, and casual staff to transform their teaching practice, curriculum design, and learning environments. She raises the profile of teaching and learning in a research-intensive university, celebrating, and recognising expertise and excellence. And, in so doing, Deanne enables and motivates teachers to enable and enhance their students’ learning.

Most recently, Dr Gannaway’s focus on professional practice has extended beyond her colleagues to undergraduate humanities and social science students. Through her research, scholarship, and practice in liberal arts curriculum and work-integrated learning, she connects students to the world of work and to the superpowers they have developed through their study.


Dr Poh Wah Hillock

School of Mathematics and Physics, Faculty of Science

Physical sciences and related studies (including architecture, building and planning, engineering, computing and information science)

Dr Poh Wah Hillock specializes in teaching large first year mathematics courses. These service over 45 programs at UQ. Many students are under-prepared for first year mathematics and require support to bridge the gap between high school and university mathematics. By building an extensive support network and leveraging high impact classroom practices such as active and small group collaborative learning, Poh has transformed first year mathematics at UQ. A key element of the support network is Poh’s award-winning Support Learning Tutorial. More recently, Poh led the successful transformation of MATH1051: Calculus and Linear Algebra I to blended mode. Her blended model has been adopted by several mathematics courses at UQ. Poh’s work has been recognised with four teaching excellence awards: one national award and three UQ awards. Poh provides leadership as Coordinator of First Year Mathematics, and as a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. She has published in international journals and has presented at national and international conferences. Poh is the Queensland representative on the Australian Mathematical Society Standing Committee of Mathematics Education.


Dr Allison Mandrusiak

School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences

Biological Sciences, Health and Related Studies (including Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Medical Sciences, and Nursing etc.)

"Wherever you go, go with all your heart." – Confucius

Dr Allison Mandrusiak generated momentum early in her career (and garnered numerous awards) for breathing fresh life into her cardiorespiratory physiotherapy curriculum. With this quest a success – her students now regard clearing phlegm as fun! – Allison set her sights on spearheading clinical simulation, growing grassroots and global initiatives with impacts both around campus and across countries. Dr Mandrusiak’s broad influence on the clinical simulation landscape has advanced practices nationally and internationally (including into China). Locally, her leadership of the construction of the Simulated Hospital Ward has created a home for the heartbeat of simulation, with a throughput of thousands of students on their pathway to clinical practice. Allison has fostered quality simulation across disciplines, instigated a Sim Squad, and “open sim-vitations” to showcase her craft. Her imaginative approaches to bringing learning to life have earned Allison a reputation for innovation. Her savvy “simulation on a shoestring” and can-do creativity extends novel “synchronised sim-ing” into the home, complete with an ingenious DIY (pillow)patient. Her enthusiasm for sharing innovations far and wide is contagious. What started as a pursuit to put the pulse into cardiorespiratory has fuelled a broader commitment to supporting educational practices of others.


Dr Kevin Welsh

School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Science

Physical sciences and related studies (including architecture, building and planning, engineering, computing and information science)

Dr Kevin Welsh has endeavoured to bring his passion for teaching earth, marine and environmental science to students in many programs at UQ. Dr Welsh is dedicated to demonstrating the critical nature of examining the many and varied facets of our planet through capturing accurate observations over magnitudes of scales, synthesising this information into a realistic understanding of our past, so we can predict our future. Dr Welsh has a sustained history of leadership, innovation, and teaching excellence despite the breadth of his teaching practice in varied modes of delivery. As Chair of the Teaching and Learning committee in more than one school, Dr Welsh has played a key role in developing curricula, leading program reviews, mentoring his peers and ensuring that teaching spaces, laboratories and field equipment are cutting edge. Kevin has excelled at the development of field-based teaching in both traditional and virtual modes and has led the development of innovative methods of content delivery which have impacted many courses and disciplines across several schools at UQ.

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Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning

2021 Winners

Vulnerability in Medicine Tutorial Program

Primary Care Clinical Unit, School of Clinical Medicine

Dr Michaela Kelly, Dr Johanna Lynch, Associate Professor Nancy Sturman, Dr Alison Green, Dr Gillian Eastgate, Dr Penny Mainstone, Kim Wicks

For getting to the heart of the matter: fostering clinical skills, collegiality, compassion, and self-care through reflecting on vulnerability in patients, medical students, and doctors.

Associate Professor Rachel Allavena

School of Veterinary Science

Associate Professor Rachel Allavena received a citation for innovative and technology-based approaches to curriculum and technical skills training in the veterinary disciplines fostering animal welfare in partnership with student-centred teaching and assessment.

Associate Professor Karen Hughes

UQ Business School

Associate Professor Karen Hughes received a citation for creating engaging stories and Structured Academic Controversies that encourage and support Culturally and Linguistically Diverse undergraduate Tourism students to develop and express their viewpoints.

Dr Hassan Khosravi

Institute for Teaching and Learning Innovation

Dr Hassan Khosravi received a citation for design, implementation, validation and deployment of an innovative learnersourced adaptive educational systems that transform student learning into an active, social and personalised experience.       

Dr Stuart Middleton

UQ Business School

Dr Stuart Middleton received a citation for motivating student learning of strategic management by storying innovative learning activities and creating collaborative storytelling spaces.

Mark Tanner

UQ Business School

Mark Tanner received a citation for Paying it forward: motivating learners via a "fail safe" approach that challenges advanced Business students to build employability skills through authentic and peer mentored experiences.

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Australian Awards for University Teaching (AAUT)

The Australian Awards for University Teaching (AAUT) have been recognising outstanding teachers in higher education for more than 20 years.

National AAUT Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning


Dr Roma ForbesDr-Roma-Forbes

School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
View researcher profile

For transforming health professional students into effective patient educators through innovative, scholarly and sustainable experiential learning models that significantly impact graduate preparedness for practice.


Dr Cle-Anne Gabriel

UQ Business School

For being an internationally recognised leader, trainer and creator of experiential case method curricula and resources that prepare management students to make real-life business decisions.


Dr Sara Herke

School of Mathematics and Physics
View researcher profile

For making mathematics accessible to first-year university students with interactive and targeted support that reduces mathematics anxiety and increases enthusiasm.


Associate Professor Ian MacKenzie

School of Economics
View researcher profile

For placing learning in unusual and bizarre settings that support deep, transferable learning for Economics students through storytelling, multiple layers of engagement, and authentic assessment.


Dr Michael Thai

School of Psychology
View researcher profile

For harnessing digital technology in the age of online learning to promote belongingness and engagement among students of large, diverse undergraduate psychology courses.

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Australian University Teacher of the Year

Associate Professor Jack Wang

School of Chemistry and Molecular Bioscience
Category: Biological Sciences, Health and related studies
View researcher profile

 Australian University Teacher of the Year (2020)

The Psychology of Criminal Justice team

Professor Blake McKimmie (view researcher profile)
Professor Barbara Masser (view researcher profile)
Professor Mark Horswill (view researcher profile)

School of Psychology
Category: Social and Behavioural Sciences

 Australian University Teacher of the Year (2019)

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Other awards

Besides the Australian Awards for University Teaching (AAUT), other national awards have been recognising and rewarding the work of our excellent teachers:

Australian Financial Review (AFR) Higher Education Awards

2019 Winner – Learning Experience

The UQ Physiotherapy Standardised Patients Program

School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

Team: Dr Allison Mandrusiak (lead), Katrina Williams, Dr Roma Forbes

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Reimagine Education Awards

2018 Best University – Employer Partnership Gold Award Winner

UQ BEL Student Employability Team: Getting Students SET for their future

Faculty of Business, Economics and Law

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Business Higher Education Round Table (BHERT) Awards

2018 Award for Outstanding Collaboration in Higher Education and Training

Indigenous Health Education and Workforce Development

The University of Queensland - The Institute for Urban Indigenous Health

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edX Prizes

2019 Finalist, Exceptional Contributions in Online Teaching and Learning

Leading high performing teams / Business leadership MicroMasters Program

UQ Business School

Team: Dr Terrance Fitzsimmons, Associate Professor Bernard McKenna, Associate Professor Tyler G. Okimoto, Richard O’Quinn

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2018 Winner, Exceptional Contributions in Online Teaching and Learning

The Psychology of Criminal Justice MOOC

School of Psychology

Team: Associate Professor Blake McKimmie, Professor Barbara Masser, Professor Mark Horswill

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