The Student Progression team provides high-quality advice and services in the areas of Academic documents, Academic Progression, Enrolments, Graduations, and Student Visas.

Team members

Theresa Robinson

Manager (Acting)

Alicia Clive

Team Leader (Acting)

Jessica Chisholm

Senior Administration Officer
CoE Compliance & Reporting

Chris Jones

Student Progression Officer

Lucy O’Brien

Student Progression Officer
(Enrolments, Academic Progression, Dates & Calendars)


Trish Hinds

Student Progression Officer

Clare Nelson

Student Progression Officer
(Enrolments, Academic Progression, Dates & Calendars)

Jessica Roessler

Student Progression Officer
(Enrolments & CoE Compliance & Reporting)

Jess Owen

Transcripts Officer (Rotational)

Key responsibilities

Academic records & verifications

  • Maintaining the Academic Records Portal and processing document orders
  • Producing and replacing hardcopy and digital academic documents (Transcripts, Testamurs Australian Higher Education Graduation Statements – AHEGS)
  • Coordinating academic record amendments
  • Verifying past awards.

Academic progression

Dates and calendars

  • Producing Academic Calendars; including non-standard teaching periods and UQ College trimesters.
  • Maintaining SI-net academic calendar and function control date configuration.



  • Conferring Awards following completion of degree requirements
  • Organising and delivering Graduation ceremonies
  • Maintaining the Graduation website
  • Producing graduation documents.

ESOS compliance

  • Monitoring international student enrolment
  • Managing CoEs and reporting changes to the Department
  • Processing International Student Withdrawal requests, including Release requests
  • Delivering training and support on ESOS compliance obligations.