The Academic Policy & Programs (APP) team provides professional advice on academic policy formulation and support for program development.

Team members

Carole Tate

Secretary, Academic Board Standing Committee
Secretary, Teaching and Learning Committee 

Ian Vallely

Secretary, Committee for Academic Programs Policy
Academic program approval

Louise Wilson

Team Leader 
Assistant Secretary, Academic Board

Navvii Lingam

Senior Administration Officer
Academic Projects

Heather Hunt

Administration Officer (Rotational)


Viola Temple-Watts

Administration Officer 
Assistant Secretary, Teaching and Learning Committee

Erica Ward

Administration Officer
Reviews Coordinator
Assistant Secretary, Academic Board Standing Committee 

Ashleigh Potter

Administration Officer
Assistant Secretary, Programs Sub-Committee

Alexandra Reeves-Ackerley

Administration Officer
Assistant Secretary, Assessment Sub-Committee 


Key responsibilities

Secretariat support

  • Provide secretariat support to the Academic Board and its committees: Academic Board Standing Committee (ABSC), Teaching and Learning Committee (TLC), Committee for Academic Programs Policy (CAPP), Programs Sub-Committee (PSC), Assessment Sub-Committee (ASC).
  • Provide support and guidance for secretaries of working parties and working groups established to progress the business of the Academic Board and its committees.
  • Manage academic discussion papers, benchmarking and desktop research to support the business of the committees of the Academic Board.
  • Provide guidance for secretaries with setting up and maintaining SharePoint sites for committees and working parties, management of committee membership and scheduling meeting dates. 
  • Maintain online training for committee secretaries: Committee support and secretariat support training guide. Tailored face-to-face training can be provided, if required.
  • Maintain and advise on the use of committee templates for agendas, minutes, and for the management of meeting structure and follow-up.
  • Manage induction and provide advice for Committee Chairs, as required.

Academic program approval

  • Manage the University’s academic program approval process, including providing advice and guidance for faculties and other stakeholders.
  • Design and publish program approval forms.
  • Coordinate formal approval of program development proposals by the Vice-Chancellor with advice from the relevant senior executives.
  • Provide advice on the development of program rules and manage approval.

Program management

  • Administer applications for student income support for masters by coursework programs, including coordinating with faculties and liaising with the Department of Social Services.
  • Configure program and plan information in the student management system (SI-net) and respond to queries.
  • Coordinate and display approved program rules on the Programs and Courses website.
  • Coordinate and display dual degree planners on the Programs and Courses website.

Academic governance

  • Provide advice and support for the University’s academic governance system and processes relating to academic policy and academic program approval.
  • Liaise with Planning and Business Intelligence (PBI) to support government program reporting requirements, including preparing and reviewing the annual campus file.
  • Manage nominations and approval of the award of University Medals.

Compliance and policy

  • Manage program compliance as referenced in the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).
  • Liaise with regulatory bodies in relation to the University’s compliance, regulation and registration processes (e.g. TEQSA, ASQA, ESOS Act and CRICOS).
  • Manage annual review of UQ compliance with requirements of the TEQSA Higher Education Standards Framework.
  • Manage cyclical review, currency and advice relating to academic policies in the Policy and Procedures Library.
  • Manage annual review of UQ programs listed in PRISMS and on the CRICOS register.


  • Coordinate septennial reviews of Schools, University Institutes and Centres, including reporting of review outcomes and implementation.
  • Coordinate septennial reviews of the Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Science generalist degrees, including reporting of review outcomes and implementation.
  • Academic Program Reviews reporting and display on the Intranet site.